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For sales area

   Swegon Shopping Centre is a complete energy efficient solution for sales area

The in-house microclimate of the sales area has some specific features: the temperature should be the same regardless of the day time and year season. The heat overflows from people, lighting, and etc. in the sales area are quite high and temperature load in different parts of the area is quite high too, for example, big glass windows require constant heating. The sales areas have huge spaces and high ceilings.
Swegon Shopping Centre solution based on GOLD unit combined with BOOSTER air distributors is the best combination for ventilation, heating and cooling of big sales areas and other premises of that kind.
GOLD supplies air, heat and cool and has a built-in automated system. GOLD has a recirculation air valve which provides efficient and cheap heating of the premises at night and early in the morning.
BOOSTER is a multipurpose air distributor of warm and cold air-input. Warm air is supplied downwards directly at high speed and with low noise-emission via special disks in the upper part of the diffuser, cold air is supplied at low speed via perforated panel in the bottom of the diffuser. Swegon Shopping Centre makes the design and selection of the system easy and reliable. The system does not occupy the floor space, it is used for ventilation, heating and cooling of the premises and does not require sophisticated servicing.
This system does not require solid investment. Reliable automatics provide necessary temperature and airflow at optimal operating costs. The system provides high level of comfort, low noise-emission, high quality air, and absence of draught and other unpleasant effects.
All design parameters of the air preparing unit are confirmed with independent EUROVENT certificate.
агрегата подтверждены независимым сертификатом Eurovent.




SWEGON Factory
Ventilation, Heating and Cooling in one System

The indoor climate in an industrial building makes it necessary to satisfy special needs. Since workplaces are involved, adequate ventilation is required. As for temperature, the needs of the occupants vary at different times of the year. However, in the majority of cases, heating is needed at night and in the morning and cooling is needed during the day. Most buildings have considerable floor area and high ceilings.

The GOLD unit and BOOSTER air diffusers meet these demands highly effectively in the Swegon Factory package solution. The GOLD supplies air, heat and cooling energy and has built-in control equipment. The GOLD equipped with the recirculated air damper accessory provides energy-saving and effective heating at night and early in the morning. The BOOSTER air diffusers are split supply air devices specially suited for supplying both heat and cooling energy.