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For public buildings

    Swegon Public is a complete power efficient solution for public buildings, schools, and etc.

As usual, public buildings, due to the considerable variation of the temperature load during the day, require sophisticated solutions to create constant microclimate conditions; these solutions are to provide comfortable microclimate regardless of the day time and temperature load.
Swegon Public solutions have two versions – it is GOLD air preparing system combined with diffusers TDY, TRY, CDY, RDY.

Swegon Public solution 1:
Digital automatics of GOLD unit allows to use the unit without extra air heater, therefore it cuts purchase and operation costs of the system. Disk-shaped TDY, TRY, CDY, and RDY air distributors provide intensive and effective air exchange, which guarantees low mobility of the airflow in the working area. Mobile jets give the opportunity to change the air distribution rapidly and avoid the draught.
Temperature and airflow are automatically adjusted to the season of the year and it makes economically efficient system. The system enables to avoid extra air heating and cuts purchase and operation costs.

Swegon Public solution 2:
GOLD unit and TDY, TRY, CDY, and RDY air distributors combined with ARE air valve and RTC room thermostat allow to built simple and efficient ventilation system depending on your needs. The automatics controls the temperature and airflow according to the season of the year and provides economically efficient system.
Swegon Public 2 is a simple and economical solution of the complex problem. Purchase and installation costs are considerably low in comparison with traditional solution. Disk-shaped diffusers provide intensive and effective air exchange and its necessary mobility in the operating point. Mobile jets give the opportunity to change the air distribution rapidly and avoid draught or high level of noise-emission.
All design parameters of GOLD air preparing unit are confirmed with EUROVENT independent certificate.







Always the right Indoor climate all year round

In most offices, the occupants, computer equipment, etc. generate excess heat. The need for uniform temperature and a healthy indoor climate is great regardless of the outdoor temperature and season. In many cases, the temperature level needs of the individual rooms vary greatly. At certain times of the year, high humidity conditions can give rise to risk of condensation forming on cool surfaces.

The GOLD air handling system together with the PRIMO climate system for installation along perimeter walls or the BALTIC, BISCAY, ADRIATIC, etc. climate beams are optimal solutions for providing a healthy indoor climate in offices. The system can, besides for ventilation, also be used for heating and/or cooling the premises.