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SWEGON in Russia

In Russia SWEGON is in:

The Kremlin Armoury (Moscow)



The State Hermitage Museum, the Hall of St. George (St. Petersburg)




“Severnoe Siyanie” Plant (St. Petersburg)
RA combined extract and input ventilation units with 13000 m3/h and 18000 m3/h capacity. The temperature of the outgoing air is 25 0C, of free air is 26 0C, and of the incoming air is
18 0C. Power saving is 19.8 times or 8900$ during the heating season.

“Svetogorsky CBK” Pulp and Paper Plant (Svetogorsk, The Leningrad Region)
GOLD 4 combined extract and input ventilation unit with 6500 m3/h capacity. BASIC combined extract and input ventilation unit with 50000m3/h capacity. Power saving during one heating season is 2000$

“Karhacos” Component Parts for Volvo and Scania Producing Plant (Kostomuksha)
Total square of the Enterprise is 20 350 m2
Overall air consumption is 253 593 m3/h
Basic055 – 6 units, Basic14 – 1 unit, Basic020 – 1 unit, GOLD31 – 1 unit, CACA – 2 units

“MAXIDOM” – chain of building and construction supermarkets (St. Petersburg)
Square of the first floor sales area is 9400 m2
Square of the second floor sales area is 1360 m2
Office rooms’ square on the 1st and the 2nd floors is 700 m2
The building is serviced by 5 GOLD units

CATERPILLAR Plant (Tosno, The Leningrad Region)



UNILEVER CIS (St. Petersburg)



Lipton Tea-packing Factory (St. Petersburg)



Tyumen State University Library (Tyumen)




Cultural and Entertaining Centre “Zvezda” (Samara)



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Always the right Indoor climate all year round

In most offices, the occupants, computer equipment, etc. generate excess heat. The need for uniform temperature and a healthy indoor climate is great regardless of the outdoor temperature and season. In many cases, the temperature level needs of the individual rooms vary greatly. At certain times of the year, high humidity conditions can give rise to risk of condensation forming on cool surfaces.

The GOLD air handling system together with the PRIMO climate system for installation along perimeter walls or the BALTIC, BISCAY, ADRIATIC, etc. climate beams are optimal solutions for providing a healthy indoor climate in offices. The system can, besides for ventilation, also be used for heating and/or cooling the premises.