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For cottages

    For cottages

Power efficient ventilation system based on GOLD unit with built-in automatics is the best solution for cottages.
In winter, spring, and autumn cottage climate system provides the air heating, and in summer it guarantees the air cooling. The permanent temperature in the premises is about 22-24 0C. In addition to the problems solved by the modern ventilation system the problem of mandatory ventilation should be certainly mentioned. This process means the supply of fresh outdoor air into the living rooms and other premises and removal of the polluted air from the house. About 50 % of the power consumption of the cottage is a climate system, in terms of money it means thousands of Euros every year for the house of about 300-500 m2. And this is not the limit, as operating costs increase constantly, due to the rise in energy carrier prices.
The usage of contemporary economical techniques (combined extract and input ventilation units with heating recovery) and efficient boiling equipment is recommended to reduce the power consumption, when selecting a climate system.
The built in of automatics and CPU of the “clever house” system in boiling and ventilation equipment gives the opportunity to control the temperature in each separate room and to increase the power efficient capacity of the unit using “conflict-free” ventilation and heating systems of the cottage...



SWEGON Shopping Centre
Indoor Climate for the wellbeing of Shoppers

The indoor climate in large stores makes it necessary to satisfy special needs. The temperature must be uniform all year round and every hour
of the day. Excess heat is generated nearly all day and most often there are wide temperature variations in various parts of the site. Large
glazed surfaces make heating necessary. Many of the stores have vast floor area and high ceilings.

The GOLD unit and BOOSTER air diffusers meet these demands in an extremely effective manner in the Swegon Factory package solution.
The GOLD supplies air, heat and cooling energy and has built-in control equipment. The GOLD is equipped with a recirculated air damper accessory, which provides energy-saving and effective heating at night and early in the morning. The BOOSTER air diffusers are split supply
air devices specially suited for supplying both heat and cooling energy.