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The Company PM VENT specializes in solving different problems in the sphere of ventilation systems design. Our systems are based on contemporary, quality and power efficient equipment, basically on the equipment made by the Swedish concern Swegon.

Swegon was established in January 2005 due to the merger of several big Swedish producers of ventilation equipment and as a result PM-Luft AB became the centre of this merger in Russia.
Today Swegon is the biggest producer of broad band ventilation equipment, it offers input and combined extract and input ventilation units with capacity from 400 up to 120 000 m3/h and different zonal control climate systems. Moreover, Swegon produces broad family of professional air distributing units, different types of fans, and many other hi-tech ventilation equipment.
All Swegon equipment is of high quality, reliable in operation and has outstanding technical characteristics, modern design and all necessary certificates.
Specialists from PM VENT will promptly find the optimal solution of your problem and select the necessary equipment. We have the experience and all facilities to produce high quality power efficient systems, which can provide really comfortable microclimate in all kinds of premises: industrial sites, commercial and office buildings, business centres, hotels, cottages, and apartments.
Besides engineering of the equipment, PM VENT provides guarantee and maintenance service all over Russia.
Presently, Swegon ventilation systems are installed in more than 3000 industrial and public buildings all over Russia, including: The Kremlin (Moscow), The State Hermitage (St. Petersburg), the office building of LENENERGO (St. Petersburg), “Severnoe Siyanie” Plant (St. Petersburg), “Svetogorsky CBK” (Svetogorsk, The Leningrad Region), “CATERPILLER” Plant (Tosno, The Leningrad Region), The St. Petersburg State Academic Philharmonics, and etc.


The Company PM VENT carries out the design and installation of the ventilation and conditioning equipment under the licence of the second responsibility level buildings design, number -2-781-02-26-0-7804161561-001665-1 of March 6, 2003.
We also act as a general contractor; provide the construction of the internal engineering systems and equipment for ventilation and conditioning, the installation of the ventilation equipment and its balancing and commissioning under the licence of second responsibility level building, number -2-781-02-27-0-7804161561-001664-1 of January 30, 2003. 





SWEGON Shopping Centre
Indoor Climate for the wellbeing of Shoppers

The indoor climate in large stores makes it necessary to satisfy special needs. The temperature must be uniform all year round and every hour
of the day. Excess heat is generated nearly all day and most often there are wide temperature variations in various parts of the site. Large
glazed surfaces make heating necessary. Many of the stores have vast floor area and high ceilings.

The GOLD unit and BOOSTER air diffusers meet these demands in an extremely effective manner in the Swegon Factory package solution.
The GOLD supplies air, heat and cooling energy and has built-in control equipment. The GOLD is equipped with a recirculated air damper accessory, which provides energy-saving and effective heating at night and early in the morning. The BOOSTER air diffusers are split supply
air devices specially suited for supplying both heat and cooling energy.