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The sphere of power efficient technologies has been determined as the main direction of our work starting from the very beginning and we haven’t changed our goals.
Every year of our work, which has already become a history, is important for us. Every year we discovered something new, set new goals and reached them. Today we are much more powerful than in the beginning of our way but our goals and work course haven’t changed.
• In 1998 PM VENT began the promotion of the power efficient ventilation systems based on the equipment of Swedish concern PM-Luft, first-rate producer of power efficient equipment in Europe, on the Russian market. At that time the domestic customer did not have any idea about the technology of power efficiency used in PM-Luft units, and actually, did not know this trade mark. Hard work brings the results and power efficient solutions have become more popular, the quantity and quality of our completed projects have been steadily increasing.
• Systems based on hi-tech units from PM-Luft require peripheral devices of appropriate quality and technical features. That is why by 2000 the product range of our company had naturally extended. PM VENT began to collaborate with another Swedish company Stifab Farex, the producer of professional air distributing units and cutting edge climate control equipment.

• The installation of high quality equipment requires appropriate professional service. In 1999 PM VENT established its own service center, which deals with balancing and commissioning and provides technical service for ventilation systems all over Russia.

• In 2001-2002 the segment of regional projects significantly increased: in the Urals and the Volga regions, in the western Siberia and the Far North. Cooperation with big ultimate customers enabled PM VENT to establish the department of ventilation systems design based on the power efficient PM-Luft equipment. From here on, PM VENT has carried out all turn key projects on its own, starting from design and engineering up to guarantee and post guarantee service.

• More often the enterprises with specific technological requirements such as tea-packing factory “Lipton”, pulp and paper plant in Svetogorsk, The St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonics, etc. start acting as our customers. The variety of goals and their peculiarity requires not only high quality calculation, selection and commissioning but also more flexible approach in terms of dispatching. Thus, during the last two years our company has been developing the automated control system. Today, our specialists are implementing RMON and control of ventilation systems on several sites in different regions of Russia by means of the Internet.

In January 2005 PM-Luft and Stifab Farex announced their merger, now all products of these two companies are produced under Swegon single trade mark. Swegon is a mighty Swedish concern which combines a fifty year experience, recourses and scientific potential of famous Scandinavian companies.

SWEGON Factory
Ventilation, Heating and Cooling in one System

The indoor climate in an industrial building makes it necessary to satisfy special needs. Since workplaces are involved, adequate ventilation is required. As for temperature, the needs of the occupants vary at different times of the year. However, in the majority of cases, heating is needed at night and in the morning and cooling is needed during the day. Most buildings have considerable floor area and high ceilings.

The GOLD unit and BOOSTER air diffusers meet these demands highly effectively in the Swegon Factory package solution. The GOLD supplies air, heat and cooling energy and has built-in control equipment. The GOLD equipped with the recirculated air damper accessory provides energy-saving and effective heating at night and early in the morning. The BOOSTER air diffusers are split supply air devices specially suited for supplying both heat and cooling energy.