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About Systemair
Systemair is a leading ventilation company with operations in 37 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South Africa , North America and Australia.

The company generated sales of €280m during the last financial year and has approximately 1700 employees. Since the foundation in 1974, Systemair has increased its turnover every year while maintaining good profitability. During the last 10 years, the average annual growth in net sales has been approximately 16 percent.

The company has a well established presence in growth markets, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia. The products are marketed under the brand names Systemair, Frico, VEAB and Fantech. ‘

The Systemair brand represents a standardised range of ventilation products, mainly developed in-house, such as fans, air terminal devices and air handling units.
Frico’s business is focused on air curtains, radiant heaters, fan heaters and convectors.
VEAB develops, manufactures and markets heating products for ventilation installations, fan heaters and dehumidifiers.
Fantech is Systemair’s brand name in North America with a product range including duct fans, various ventilation products and air handling units for residentials. 




Always the right Indoor climate all year round

In most offices, the occupants, computer equipment, etc. generate excess heat. The need for uniform temperature and a healthy indoor climate is great regardless of the outdoor temperature and season. In many cases, the temperature level needs of the individual rooms vary greatly. At certain times of the year, high humidity conditions can give rise to risk of condensation forming on cool surfaces.

The GOLD air handling system together with the PRIMO climate system for installation along perimeter walls or the BALTIC, BISCAY, ADRIATIC, etc. climate beams are optimal solutions for providing a healthy indoor climate in offices. The system can, besides for ventilation, also be used for heating and/or cooling the premises.